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About Neonatal Diabetes

*ALERT: 03/03/2020 Update regarding Glibenclamide supply for UK patients with neonatal diabetes due to KCNJ11 or ABCC8*


Neonatal Diabetes Mellitus (NDM) diagnosed before 6 months is a rare disease (approximate incidence of 1:100,000 live births) that reflects severe β cell dysfunction.

Two separate studies (Edghill et al., 2006b, Iafusco et al., 2002) have shown that diabetes diagnosed before 6 months of age is most likely to have a monogenic cause rather than being due to autoimmunity.

There are many different subtypes of neonatal diabetes defined by different genetic causes. Identifying the genetic causes of neonatal diabetes is not only relevant for patients, but also gives insights into which genes are needed for β cell formation and function.

Genetic testing for neonatal diabetes is provided free of charge through funding from the Wellcome Trust (until at least 2020). This applies to all patients with diabetes diagnosed before 9 months of age anywhere in the world and regardless of their current age. Currently genetic testing finds a genetic diagnosis for 82% of patients with neonatal diabetes.

July 2019: Patients Referred from 103 Countries