Diabetes Genes


British Medical Journal (BMJ) Diabetes Team of the Year 2016: ‘Better Monogenic Diabetes Care’

The monogenic team received BMJ’s ‘Diabetes Team of the Year’ award in 2016 for their research into genes that cause monogenic diabetes, identification of optimal treatment and developing initiatives to raise awareness amongst healthcare professionals that resulted in improved care for thousands of individuals in the UK and worldwide.

ISPAD Award 2012

The team was awarded ‘Innovation in Paediatric Diabetes Care’ by the International Society for Paediatric and Adolescent Diabetes in 2012 for their achievements in improving medical practice in health and care for children and young people with monogenic diabetes.

University of Exeter International Impact Award 2011: Transforming the lives of children born with diabetes

The monogenic team was awarded the University of Exeter’s International Impact Award in 2011 for outstanding contributions to international health and wellbeing of those with neonatal diabetes. Their discoveries changed international guidelines and has improved wellbeing for thousands born with the condition.

Queen’s Anniversary Prize 2005

Prof Hattersley was presented with the prize by the Queen in 2005 as representative of the Exeter diabetes team for their work in monogenic diabetes. The team’s discoveries in neonatal diabetes which eliminated the need for injected insulin was worthy of one of the highest possible academic honours.

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