Diabetes Genes


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Study Team & Contact Details

Lead Site: Exeter

CI: Dr Angus Jones

Central Coordinating Team:

Anita Hill (Project Manager)

Peter Tippet (Administrator)

Rob Bolt (Administrator)



Phone: 01392 408184

Getting the right classification and treatment from diagnosis of diabetes

This study aims to achieve more accurate early classification of diabetes and identification of which patients will rapidly require insulin treatment. We will recruit 1000 participants who have been diagnosed with diabetes in the last year and were aged between 18 and 50 years at the time of diagnosis. We will recruit an additional cohort of 800 participants diagnosed after age 50. We will record clinical features and biomarkers that may help us to determine diabetes type at diagnosis and follow participants for 3 years to assess the development of severe insulin deficiency (measured using  C-peptide) and insulin requirement. We will assess utility of clinical features and additional biomarkers in identifying patients with rapid progression to insulin requirement. Findings will be integrated into a freely available clinical prediction model.

Current Sites

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Funded By

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and Diabetes UK (DUK)