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Regional Diabetes Consultant and Genetic Diabetes Nurse leads

The regional diabetes consultant and Genetic Diabetes Nurse (GDN) leads are highly experienced in monogenic diabetes and support other members of diabetes teams to increase their skills and expertise in monogenic diabetes. They improve awareness, understanding and recognition of monogenic forms of diabetes amongst health care professionals through regional case discussions and national masterclasses leading to an increase in the number of patients accurately diagnosed and treated. They are able to advise regarding genetic testing, discuss the implications of a positive genetic diagnosis and possible treatment change with patients and arrange follow up of family.

If you are interested and would like more details, please contact Maggie Shepherd – Email:  m.shepherd1@nhs.net 

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Genomic Medicine Service Alliance (GMSA) regions

GMSA Leads by region

Consultant Lead  – Vidya Srinivas
GDN Lead – Anita Murphy
Supporting GDNs – Denise Unsworth and Charlotte Jenkins Liu 
North Thames:
Consultant Lead – Shivani Misra
Consultant Lead: Ali Chakera and Anna Brackenridge
GDN Lead – Justin Veysey
Central and South:
Consultant Lead: Katharine Owen 
GDN Lead: Paula Johnston
North East:
Consultant Lead – TBC
GDN lead – Julie Cropper
North West:
Consultant Lead – Sabnam Samad
South West:
Consultant Lead – Andrew Hattersley
GDN Lead – Maggie Shepherd



Shepherd M, Colclough K, Ellard S, Hattersley AT. Ten years of the national Genetic Diabetes Nurse network: a model for the translation of genetic information into clinical care. Clinical Medicine 2014. 14(2):117-21