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2nd episode of the “One in Six Billion” podcast about neonatal diabetes NOW LIVE

The 2nd episode of the One in Six Billion podcast about genetics and Diabetes is now available. 

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new podcast, “1 in 6 Billion” – a fun journey into the worlds of diabetes and genetics. Hosted by experts Professor Andrew Hattersley and Professor Maggie Shepherd, this podcast is for anyone interested in diabetes or genetics.  It will aim to be a non-technical look at how science and medicine can come together to help patients.

About the PodcastThe title “1 in 6 Billion” comes from it needing just 1 change in the 6 billion pieces of genetic code for a patient to develop genetic disease.   1 in 6 Billion will feature thought-provoking personal stories of people living with rare types of diabetes caused by a change in a single gene.  We will follow these with interviews with researchers explaining the excitement and frustrations of scientific discovery.  It will aim to be in plain English and not to require any technical background.   Whether you’re living with diabetes, a healthcare professional, a research scientist or just curious about the science behind it all, our podcast has something for everyone.

Episode two: Anna Gloyn – the gene detective

Professor Anna Gloyn

The story of neonatal diabetes continues as we hear about the remarkable science that led to the genetic diagnosis and new treatment that transformed  Jack’s life in episode 1.  In this episode Maggie and Andrew talk to Anna Gloyn, the scientist who discovered the gene that was usually altered when very young babies are  diagnosed with neonatal diabetes.

More about Anna Gloyn

Anna Gloyn is now Professor of Paediatrics and Genetics at Stanford University and details about her and her fantastic scientific achievements can be found here:

How to Tune In:Our podcast episodes will be available on major podcast platforms including Apple podcasts, Google podcasts and Spotify: just search for “one in six billion”. The first episode was released at 9 am on 14th November 2023, World Diabetes Day, and we’ll continue to bring you new episodes every 2 weeks. Please visit the podcast website, and follow us on Facebook here

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