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2018 ISPAD Clinical Practice Guidelines for monogenic diabetes now available

An international team of experts have published new guidelines to provide healthcare professionals and scientists with guidance for the diagnosis and management of monogenic diabetes.  Published in the journal Pediatric Diabetes, the guidelines cover neonatal diabetes, MODY, genetic syndromes of diabetes, monogenic lipodystrophy and insulin resistance, and ciliopathy-related insulin resistance/diabetes syndromes.  Practical advice is given on how to recognise these monogenic forms of diabetes and when to suspect a diagnosis, their clinical management and guidance for laboratories performing diagnostic genetic testing.

The article can be accessed here:

Hattersley AT, Greeley SAW, Polak M, et al. ISPAD Clinical Practice Consensus Guidelines 2018: The diagnosis and management of monogenic diabetes in children and adolescents. Pediatr Diabetes. 2018;19 (Suppl. 27):47–63.

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