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DIABETES ALLIANCE FOR RESEARCH IN ENGLAND (DARE) (previously known as the Exeter Research Alliance (EXTRA) study)


The local Exeter-based EXTRA study has now gone nationwide. This study has arisen from discussion at a meeting held with patients with diabetes through the patients organisation of Diabetes UK, who felt that further research into who developed diabetes and who developed problems was important.

It is a community wide collaboration between patients and professionals to provide a research resource to enable further study into the causes and complications of diabetes.


We need to establish an epidemiological based sample of all patients with diabetes within the Exeter region (and now other regions around the country). It is envisaged that the information gathered will act as a resource and platform for many different forms of diabetes research.

Why the study is important

We need to understand the role of environmental and genetic influences in diabetes and its associated complications. We therefore want to contact and involve everybody with diabetes in Exeter and its surrounding area.

Blood will be taken for DNA extraction from all consenting patient and information about their health and lifestyles gathered.

Who can be involved?

As well as aiming to recruit everybody with diabetes, we also want to involve partners, spouses and friends who do not have a family history of diabetes. We can then compare individuals who have diabetes, similar environmental exposure and are of a similar age to those who do not have diabetes.

These people would be placed into a ‘Control Group’.

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If you are not based in the Exeter region, and would be interested in finding out about the DARE study in your area, please see the Diabetes Research Network website for details of your local research group.

If you are based in and around Exeter and would like to take part in the study or would like more information, please contact –

Exeter NIHR Clinical Research Facility
Level 2, RILD Building, Barrack Road
Tel. +44 (0) 1392 408181

Chief Investigator for the DARE study is Professor Andrew Hattersley who is a Consultant Diabetologist at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital and Professor of Molecular Genetics at the Peninsula Medical School.